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Welcome to Kinley Ames LLC

We're a staffing agency

Whether you're short on staff, looking to fill new positions or need someone for a few hours, we are here to help. Using our agency will help you save time and money. Partnering with Kinley Ames is your solution for hiring staff. 


Need a substitute staff member or looking to save money by outsourcing your current positions. 

Food Program Paperwork Assistance

We can help you maintain your records so they're always up-to-date. 

Child Care Staff Training Tracker

Looking for a new way to keep track of your staff's hours so that you're always compliant?

Remote Assistant

Need help but do not currently have an assistant? We can help ie. scheduling facility visits, calling your vendors and more.

Reasons to choose Kinley Ames
Our team

Being in the child care business made me realize how tough it can be to find and keep dependable staff. My goal was to start a service that would allow me to make it easier for child care providers to stay ratio compliant. 

Now my goal is to provide services that will allow our clients to focus more on running their business so I've put together a team that can make sure that happens. -Leukemiona Kelley, CEO







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Here are some comments from people we've interacted with. 

CC Organization

This is wonderful. I've never heard of this kind of service. Good luck!

S. Thomas,

I'm so glad that there's a staffing agency for childcare. There's a big need for it. 

Director @ Childcare Facility

This is a service that I'll be using. Thanks for contacting us. 

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Valuable replies from our client

What our clients say

V. Richmond

Hands down the best! Very professional person and business. Her staff are great. Anytime I'm in need of a substitute teacher, her or her staff are there. We love them here at our in home daycare.